“The most bonkers and brilliant thing you’ll hear this year” 5 STARS Hugh Dellar, Shindig! Magazine

“A Blake’s Seven reimagining of The Pretty Things’ SF Sorrow.” 8/10 Jim Wirth, Uncut Magazine

“Like a drugged-up wizard on a BMX… absurdly entertaining and deliciously weird… An unmissable trip for fans of the fuzzy and far-out” Dom Lawson, Prog Magazine

“A mash-up of King Gizzard and Sparks” Jo Kendall, Classic Rock Magazine

“Bonkers, barmy and brilliant” Marc Riley, BBC6 Music

What kind of band would choose a double vinyl, gatefold LP for their first release?
The Hare and Hoofe. Their eponymous first release consists of two discs. Disc One
rounds up their ‘hits’ so far – 2018’s smash hit White Blindness, the space gregorian
chant that is Voyager, and the pastoral tale of Appledore Fayre. The second consists of
their rock opera, The Terror of Melton. Time-travelling scientists. Giant laser-eyed
robots. A rock opera to end all rock operas…
Pitched somewhere between The Who, The Stooges, ELO, Sparks, Pink Floyd, Voivod,

Pete Townshend, Brainiac, Bowie and Judas Priest, The Terror of Melton is a head-
spinning, ambitious journey. In turns stomping, tear-jerking, full-on rocking and dream-
like, it will transport you. Prog Magazine’s Dom Lawson described it as “absurdly entertaining and deliciously weird… An unmissable trip for fans of the fuzzy and far-

2018 saw the band recording a BBC6Music Marc Riley session before even releasing
a physical record. In addition, they’ve had plays on Stuart Maconie’s Freak Zone. The
band have also gained a monstrously good live reputation, playing an instantly
legendary set at Hastings’ Beatwave festival, as well as headlining Tannerfest, Pitch
Fest, playing with Focus and The Fierce and The Dead, and the John Snow Society’s
annual celebration of the eminent epidemiologist.

Some describe them as ‘educational psych’, others prefer ‘polytechnic beat’, still more
as ‘a seventies garage band’. There’s certainly primeval drums, fuzz bass, lashings of
guitar and synth noises from another planet.
Formed from a gang of friends from Folkestone, Hoofe members have played in
groups including The Heliocentrics, The Priscillas, Ye Nuns, Jail Cell Recipes, The Frank
Sidebottom Oh Blimey Big Band, Chalet and Hyperglo.

Come, lose your minde.